Studio VOLLAERZWART was asked by Kunstmuseum Den Haag to
develop a citydressing for the celebration of the 125th birthday of M.C.Escher:
The Hague city of Escher.
M.C. Escher often used visual themes in his graphic work such as optical illusions, reflections and reflections, nature, impossible architecture, fantasy worlds, mathematics, metamorphoses, infinity, perspective, rhythmic patterns and repetition. 
Instead of literally using the work and imagery of Escher, studio VOLLAERSZWART wanted to interact the above visual effects and themes in an abstract way with the architecture and the visitors/residents of The Hague. In this way we tried to communicate Escher autonomously and amaze the audience with an optical experience in the city.
Besides the optical illusions on iconic buildings in the city, studio VOLLAERSZWART also developed a special Escher Toolkit. This Toolkit contains a number of stickers that can
be placed on store windows so that the residents of The Hague can create their own optical illusions.

This project is made possible by:  Municipality of The Hague and Kunstmuseum Den Haag.
Special Thanks to: Pepijn Zwart (Graphic Design), AMMO (Video), Beau Zwart (Sound), Cubord Signmakers,
Gerrit Schreurs (pictures: City Hall / Haagse Poort), Matthijs de Groot | Spinner & Langkous.

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